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ISO20400 - the first global Standard for Sustainable Procurement

The International Standards Organisation has launched the first global standard for sustainable procurement, ISO 20400, which aims to establish guidelines for organisations to make supply chains more sustainable. This has been under development for a number of years, with its focus on economic, environmental and social sustainability and its application to the procurement mechanism.

The standard is a guidance standard; while organisations such as Sustainable Procurement Limited may be able to provide verification that an organisation is operating to the principles of ISO20400, as with the long-standing British Standard BS8903 it is not a certificated standard. The focus is on embedding good (sustainable) procurement practice including supply chain management.

For more information on the standard and its relevance to you contact Barbara Morton or Philip Duddell.

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  • A team of International experts in enabling practical sustainable and circular economy outcomes through procurement and supply.
  • Our team has a background in procurement, private sector supply and business and sustainability within the UK and overseas.
  • Our highly qualified and experienced team provides services on a retained or project basis.

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  • As our clients' 'critical friend' we are experts in the interaction between procurement and supply; environmental, ethical, socio-economic and related business continuity and organisational best practice.
  • We have extensive experience within public, private and third sector procurement and supply in the UK and in many other parts of the World.

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  • Over 50 countries
  • Governments and public bodies
  • Large and small private sector procurers and suppliers.
  • Third sector.
  • Agencies and support organisations such as UNEP, ICLEI, WRAP, Zero Waste Scotland.

Client Testimonials

‘Thank you for a very interesting and informative course’ and ‘I found the course to be useful and enjoyable’.

April 2017, Social Issues in Procurement.


Sustainable Scotland Network Conference 2017

5th October 2017

SPL Director Philip Duddell spoke at this year's SSN conference on chains and links in sustainable supply.

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SPL Expert Adviser at ITAIPU Binacional Conference

Asuncion, Paraguay, 12th Sept 2017

SPL Director Barbara Morton presented on "Incorporation of Sustainability into the Legal Framework of Public Procurement" at a conference hosted by the National Public Procurement Directorate (DNCP) of Paraguay and organised jointly with ITAIPU Binacional.

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Modern Slavery in the supply chain?

A BBC report on Modern Slavery in the UK reinforces the importance of tackling this within supply chains. Key sectors identified were food processing, fishing, agriculture, construction, domestic and care workers and car washes.

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Conference on Innovation Procurement

Estonia, 17th-18th October 2017

Two day conference for policy makers, public procurers and innovators. Programme includes:

  • Procurement in Europe
  • Economics of innovation
  • HORIZON 2020 calls
  • 2017 Procura+ Awards Ceremony

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A zero-waste, zero-carbon London?

The latest environment strategy by the Mayor of London, outlines how Greater London could achieve zero-carbon and zero-waste by 2050. It also states London will be physically greener and aims to achieve the best air quality of any major world city.

The document was published for consultation on 11th August until 17th November. View the full strategy and provide comment here.

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