In our work with public, private and third sector organisations within the UK and overseas, we engage with a range of stakeholders.


SPL Toolbox

Tools and techniques are available to assist early stage planning through to monitoring and reporting. These have been developed and tested extensively. The toolbox may be tailored to organisational requirements and you may adopt the whole toolbox or elements of it.

Prioritisation Methodology

Now updated, this tool, originally devised over 10 years ago, helps procurers identify categories for which sustainable risks and opportunities are a priority. It focusses effort within procurement strategies and market engagement.

Contracts Tool

This tool enables procurers to identify relevant environmental and socio-economic risks and opportunities to be included in contract requirements.

Contact us at to discuss how these tools could be of use to your organisation.

Clients and Partners

Our services and resources are provided for Public, Private and Third sector organisations as well as Development Banks, Agencies and Business Support Organisations.

Within the private sector we provide services in a range of sectors, including:

  • Construction
  • Pharma
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Food
  • Distribution
  • Textiles
  • Furnishing
  • Transport
  • Waste management
  • ICT
  • Professional services, and others.


Within procuring, supplying and other organisations we work with key stakeholders, for example:

Clients and Partners


We provide services for Governments and Government Departments such as UK Government, Scottish Government, Public Procurement Authority Ghana, Turkey Government, Home Office, DWP, Defra and others.

Local Authorities

County and local councils, such as Hampshire, Kent, South Ayrshire, Glasgow and others.


Higher and Further Education such as Universities of Edinburgh, Southampton Solent, Hertfordshire, Royal Holloway, Bournemouth and others.


NHS and other organisations, such as Trusts, Boards, CCGs, NHS Supply Chain, procurement hubs, Public Health England, Department of Health.

Other public sector

Such as Fire and Police.

Third sector

Third sector suppliers to public sector.


In various sectors, as procurers and suppliers.

Medium/large businesses

Such as Northern Rail, Johnson and Johnson and others.

Business and other support organisations

Such as WRAP, Zero Waste Scotland, ICLEI and others.

International Development Partners

This includes African Development Bank, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Crown Agents and others.

International Agencies

This includes UNEP, UNDP, ECLAC, WHO, UNHCR, UNOPS and others.